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NEW Safety Management (Ergonomics) (QQI LEVEL 6)/ BP014 (12 Weeks)

Course Overview

Accreditation QQI Level 6 Minor Award in Safety Management 6N1782
Course Code:
BP014 | TUES 18.45-21.45

This course is suitable for managers and supervisors to assist with business compliance and is suitable for those who wish to acquire the knowledge skill and competence to design safety and risk management strategies, supervise implementation and to evaluate workplace safety policies.

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Programme Description

• Evaluate the influence of a range of factors in the creation of a safe
workplace environment, including work practices, safety policies, work culture, working environment, training and human factors
• Appraise current health and safety legislation in relation to the role and key responsibilities of stakeholders, at all levels of an organisation
• Explain the legal responsibilities of stakeholders in relation to duty of care, tort of negligence, provision of resources, health surveillance and safety statements
• Evaluate the key characteristics of a safety statement and key principles of risk management
• Assess the positive benefits of a workplace safety culture while using a range of risk controls to include reduction, referral, removal and retention
• Appraise the key principles of ergonomics
• Design an induction training course in relation to safety
awareness at work
• Design a hazard analysis sheet
• Devise and manage a training session in relation to the use of personal protective equipment
• Devise and manage a training session in relation to correct application of safety signs
• Formulate a behavioural modification strategy in relation to workplace safety
• Design a procedure for recording and monitoring data collected in safety audits and inspections
• Devise a health and safety strategy aimed at improving workplace safety culture
• Devise a strategy aimed at controlling
an identified risk
• Formulate an administrative system to record and monitor health and safety related issues in a workplace
• Complete a training needs analysis on a group of employees in relation to safety at work.

This provision is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014 – 2020.