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LCFE Induction Day – 10 Tips


So you’re about to take the first few steps on your new journey. Whether you’re coming to Limerick College of Further Education fresh out of Secondary School and the Leaving Cert or returning to education as a mature learner; this can be a daunting experience. Take a second to pat yourself on the back, you’re future couldn’t look brighter and the staff and teachers at LCFE are here to ensure you get the most out of your time here! On that note, here are 10 things you should know about the Limerick College Of Further Education:

10. We’re A Smarter Travel Campus!

The Mulgrave St. campus is serviced by a city bus route and we actively encourage staff and learners who drive to car pool. The Mulgrave St. campus is only a short walk from Limerick Bus/Train Station. Why not try get an extra few steps into your day and walk to college while enjoying some of the scenic sights of Limerick city! There are also bike rails provided on campus for learners who enjoy a cycle!

9. Join Our Student Union!

We’ve an active SU presence on campus. All learners are encouraged to consider becoming a class rep, get involved and work with the SU committee to plan events, share thoughts and work with college staff to ensure all learners have the best experience possible.


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8. Study In Our Resource Centres!

Noisy at home? Finding it hard to find a place to study? There are two learning resource centres on our Mulgrave St. campus complete with computers. So whether you’re getting a head start on your assignments or just want to brush up on class notes, there is plenty of ideal space to suit your needs.

7. Our Guidance Counsellors!

Whether you need to discuss your plans for the next stage in your academic career, need advice on planning assignments and studying or if you need someone to talk to, our guidance counsellors are here to help. Office times are posted outside the guidance counsellor offices on the ground floor.

6. A Multi-Cultural Environment!

LCFE welcomes and celebrates learners from all over the world. In the past our student body has consisted of learners from just down the road to South Korea, Brazil and Australia. As a multi-cultural campus and college you’ll meet people from all walks of life with many new experiences and ideas and a whole new world can open up for you!


5. There’s A Canteen On Campus!

We’re so close to the heart of Limerick city with so many shops, cafes and restaurants but for something a little closer to home then you should stop by the Courtyard canteen on campus. We don’t like to brag but you won’t get a nicer coffee in the city!

4. The Admin Office!

If you need a letter for a landlord, proof of address or help finding your way around the building, the admin office on the ground floor at reception should be your first stop! Our admin team are on hand to make sure your year runs as smooth as possible!

3. Learn In The Evenings Too!

Why not take up a new hobby or language? LCFE offers part-time evening courses in everything from make-up artistry to Japanese, woodcraft to criminology. Current LCFE learners can also avail of a 20% discount on tuition fees! For more information click here!

2. The Mulgrave St. Campus Is A PokéStop!

There are actually two Pokéstops for you to avail of! So you’ve no excuse not to catch ‘em all now!


1. This Is The Start Of Your Future!

The most important thing about your time at LCFE is that this year is only a start for you! We want you to succeed, to get the most out of your time with us and to walk away proud of all you’ve achieved! Whether you’re planning a career change or studying in 3rd level institutes around the country – we can help you make it happen!


[Words, Declan Doody]

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