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Business Forum 2020


LCFE’s annual forum was launched by Hilary McCann, Head of School of Business and IT on Wednesday 15 January. The audience was composed of business and IT learners and their teachers, who had gathered to listen to three guest speakers: Ciara Brennan, James Corbett and Diana Sexton.

Ciara Brennan regaled everyone with details of her very varied career, which has involved hotel management, cheffing, teaching and accounting to her current business, a successful vegan food business. Ciara sells fresh, delicious food in various locations around the country, but is Limerick based. She also runs workshops and different events, all in the name of veganism. In her spare time, Ciara does some teaching! On the day, Ciara set up a stand in the foyer of the college, much to the delight of staff and learners, who were able to purchase some of her delicious fare – see image.

Next up was James Corbett, MD of Simvirtua, based in Moylish Park, Limerick. A UL Computer Science graduate, James has gone through a few incarnations but always on the IT scene. He has worked in Apple, Motorola and Analog Devices. James launched a blog in 2003, had a very good following but shut it down in 2012. He subsequently founded Simvirtua, which is all about immersive learning in the areas of augmented and virtual reality.

Finally, Diana Sexton spoke. Diana graduated from LCFE in 2010 and went on to University of Wales, Cardiff Institute to complete a degree in tourism in one year. She subsequently emigrated to Australia and spent a few years there working in marketing. She is currently a brand manager for Smyth’s Toys Ireland, specialising in babies’ toys.

The recurring theme of all speeches was that it takes time to settle on a career and most people either top up their qualifications or branch into different areas. Variety, as they say, is a spice of life.

With heartfelt thanks to Ciara, James and Diana – from everyone at LCFE.

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