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LCFE has sought to articulate its vision, mission and key goals over the next four years in this strategic plan. It recognises that a new era in further education and training is emerging and LCFE intends playing a major part in this development.

The College is determined to carry out the actions needed to achieve the goals set out here. It is recognised that things will evolve over the lifetime of the plan and the intention is to be flexible and adjust the plan according to the future circumstances as they arise.

The consultation process has been of great value in itself. Engaging with staff, other existing takeholders and new stakeholders has benefited the College already in many ways by opening up new lines of communication and committing to new projects and possibilities. The College has already begun its journey of achieving the goals set out in this strategic plan. An ambitious set of goals and key performance indicators have been established and, knowing the commitment of the staff of LCFE over the years, there is a high probability that they will be achieved even before the four-year timeframe.

LCFE seeks to build upon the quality experiences that the College offers, and is committed to rigorous quality assurance and continuous improvement. The College seeks the consistent application of Key Performance Indicators, measuring both the quantitative and qualitative outcomes in terms of progression and employment. In doing so, LCFE seeks to achieve the best value possible from its resources.

LCFE is poised to build upon its long-held values – a firstclass record of quality delivery, a commitment to meeting the needs of its learners, embedded learner support and pastoral care, a commitment to dynamic partnerships and an inherent belief in the transformational opportunities afforded by the LCFE College experience – to help its learners meet the challenges of today and the future.