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Equality & Diversity

Limerick College of Further Education (LCFE) wishes to be recognised by the community as an organisation which provides excellent educational and employment opportunities for its learners. The College is committed to creating an environment where learners receive support, fair treatment and can study free from discrimination and harassment. LCFE strives to create an open and friendly atmosphere where each learner feels welcome, comfortable and a valued part of the College.

Each learner is encouraged to achieve to their maximum. Each learner will be treated fairly and with respect. Then each learner can concentrate on their studies and will be supported to do so. At the same time it is expected that learners respect the personal integrity and dignity of others.LCFE monitors the composition of its learner population and its policies and procedures to ensure it is promoting equality and eliminating discrimination. Members of staff and learners are requested to co-operate in the monitoring process.The College’s Policy on Equal Opportunities is part of the effort to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, exploitation and intimidation.

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