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Mission, Vision and Values of LCFE

Vision for LCFE

To be recognised as an outstanding College of Further Education and Training in Ireland and abroad.

LCFE will be a leader nationally and internationally in the Further Education and Training sector. The College is not only interested in best practice but in next practice. LCFE wishes to invent a new future for itself in the new further education and training landscape which is emerging.

Mission of LCFE

To add value to our learners, our staff and to the communities we operate in by providing a first class education and training experience. We do this by providing accredited, quality assured, skills-based vocational programmes on a full and part-time basis to our learners to enable them to grow, develop and progress to work or to further and higher education.

LCFE Values

The values of the College have developed over a period of time and have had input from the
staff, management and learners in LCFE.


  • We will undertake our work, engage and collaborate with our learners, colleagues and partners with honesty and integrity
  • We will strive for quality and excellence in our work
  • Continuous learning will be an integral part of our work
  • Self-Leadership will be encouraged throughout the College

Innovation & Creativity

  • We will be open, aware and responsive to new ideas and flexible in our approach to change
  • We will contribute to a culture of continuous improvement, supporting learners and colleagues in realizing their full potential
  • We will promote creativity and innovation in our work with learners, colleagues and partners
  • We will take responsibility to find solutions to problems and empower others to do the same


  • We will show respect for all in our communication and interaction with others
  • We will lead by example and actively demonstrate high standards of personal responsibility
  • Show respect for the needs and views of every individual through our communications and actions


  • We will promote equality, transparency and fairness;
  • We will be learner-centred and transparent in our work;
  • We will foster and celebrate diversity and promote LCFE as an equal opportunities College.