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Business Management (QQI LEVEL 6)|BP063 (12 Weeks Class Based) or BP063ON (12 Weeks Online)

Course Overview

QQI Level 6 Minor Award in Business Management 6N4310
Course Code:
BP063|Wed 18.45 – 21.45

This course is designed for those interested in Business Management, styles and techniques.

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Programme Description
  • Investigate the internal environment of a organisation to include a SWOT analysis (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)
  • Analyse the impact of a range of external factors on an organisation to include a PEST analysis ( Political Economic Social Technological)
  • Explore the roles of management in an organisation
  • Evaluate a range of business management techniques and tools for planning, management control and measuring performance within a business organisation.
  • Examine the difference between management and leadership.
  • Appraise the role of human resources.
  • Design an appropriate workflow system for a business related task to include documentation of the process, identification of responsibilities and expected outputs.
  • Compile a report on a management process.
  • Evaluate the performance of an individual or group within an organisation.
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