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Complete Bicycle Maintenance | HL015 (8 weeks Class Based)

Course Overview

Course Code:
HL015 | MON 19.00 - 21.30
€100 | Materials: €50

Learn everything you need to know about your bike. No stone left unturned. By the end of the course you will have learnt all the skills necessary to be a competent mechanic. No experience is needed to take one of these courses, we take you right back to basics and build your skills quickly and rapidly.

Note: You may have to bring your own bike to work on.

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Programme Description

The programme is a beginners/intermediate course aimed at those who wish to have knowledge for their own use or join the cycle industry, either as a mechanic or starting their own business or individuals who want to learn more about the art of cycle maintenance.

Items Covered:

  • Overview of tools
  • What types of tools are required within a cycle workshop
  • Lubrication and cleaners
  • Diagnosing problems with a bike
  • Puncture repairs, replacing tubes
  • Tyres and inner tubes, description of sizes, installation and removal and repairing
  • Pedals, installing, removing and rethreading
  • Crank arm, installing and removing, square type, splined and cottered
  • Chain rings removal
  • Chains, the types of chain available, fitting, removing and getting the correct length
  • Chain alignment
  • Rear sprocket removal and fitting
  • Bottom bracket removal and fitting, cartridge type
  • Bottom bracket removal and fitting, adjustable type
  • Bottom bracket re-threading and facing
  • Hub servicing and adjustments
  • Headset servicing
  • Headset replacement
  • Replacing spokes
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake systems, caliper, linear, side pull, dual pivot
  • Brake cables and housing
  • Gear systems, STI levers, twist grips, down tube, thumb levers
  • Gear cables and housing
  • Front derailleur fitting and indexing/ adjustment
  • Rear derailleur fitting and indexing/ adjustment
  • Stems, handlebars and seat posts, types, fitting measuring and adjusting
  • Fitting accessories
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