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Irish For Beginners | LA028 (10 weeks Class Based)

Course Overview

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Course Code:
LA028 | Thurs 19.00 - 21.30

This course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop conversational skills in spoken Irish or to gain an introductory qualification. Tuition will be conducted in a relaxed setting with emphasis on the oral aspects of the Irish language.

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Programme Description

An Irish Language course covering basic conversational topics including:
Oneself / Personal Information: name, age, nationality, occupation, exchange familiar information, where you live, people you know and things you have /first/family name; age/nationality/ occupation etc
Food/Drink/Shopping: making purchases, order and pay for food/ drink; ask the price, house and home, hobbies and pastimes etc
Breakdown in Communication: ask “do you speak english?”; signal non-understanding; ask for repetition/ speak more slowly etc.
Others / Interpersonal Communication: Use introductory vocabulary, to include greetings, take leave introductions, courtesies, basic personal information, numbers 1-100, time, greet/; say yes/no/please/thank you; make an apology; recognise words on notices/signs etc
• Work and daily routines – news, weather, read simple notices, signs and short pieces of text on familiar subjects, to include social and or work related information,
• Life – Simple directions: time, quantity, date/month; counting; directions etc.
Travel and Accommodation: public transport; departure/arrivals; vending machines; book/pay/enquire about accommodation etc

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