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Managing People QQI level 6 | 12 Weeks (Classroom Based or Online Course)

Course Overview

Course Code:
BP098 | Tues 18.45 - 21.45

This course module will provide the learner with the management knowledge, skills and ability to manage people in a supervisory management capacity.

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Programme Description

Evaluate the professional role and function of leadership in the context of a management role to include
the importance of maintaining professionalism, supervisory management styles and reflective practice using a self-evaluation audit


• Utilise networks and agencies in
a proactive way to achieve tasks and solve problems within a multi- disciplinary framework

• Appraise the impact of different styles

  • Research the main provisions
    of relevant legislation, such as employment legislation, and european union Directives

  • Examine the impact that culture, attitudes and values have on work practice such as, diversity issues, client confidentiality policies, patient charter and rights

  • Support the diversity of the social, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of internal and external stakeholders

  • Manage underperformance and deviation from agreed standards in a manner that achieves an agreed positive outcome

  • Perform effectively and fairly as a team member in a supervisory management role, recognising the importance of being a positive role model

  • Organise a partnership approach to engagement with stakeholders such as professionals, networks and agencies that support the supervisory role and with trade union officials to enable the timely and constructive resolution of problems

  • Utilise a range of appropriate communications styles and methods to provide management to staff and staff to management feedback in a culture that promotes engagement

  • Lead through effective delegation and acting as a conduit from staff to the upper management

    NOTE: learners undertaking online courses must have basic it skills and have access to the necessary ict equipment, software and Broadband capability to enable them to undertake an online course.

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