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Maternity Care Support | CC054 (10 Weeks classroom Based)

Course Overview

QQI Level 5 Minor Award in Maternity Care Support 5N3746
Course Code:
CC054 | WED 18.45 - 21.45

This programme module aims to equip
the learner with the knowledge, skill
and competence to assist the midwife
in caring for mothers, babies and the
family unit.

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Programme Description

• Discuss the philosophy of maternity
• Examine how certain elements of
maternity care enhance the Experience
of mothers, babies and the family, to
include non-judgmental attitudes,
individualised care, consistent
information, good communication and
advice and choice
• Summarise the physical, emotional
and social needs of the mother during
the ante partum, intra partum and
post-partum periods
• Discuss the benefits of breast feeding
while allowing for individual choice
• Investigate the importance of
infection prevention and control in the
maternity care setting
• Examine the special needs of the
family unit when a baby is diagnosed
with a congenital abnormality
• Describe the grief process in those
affected by miscarriage, stillbirth,
neonatal death or maternal death
• Explore the impact of relevant
current legislation and World Health
Organisation (WHO) programmes on
maternity care
• Identify particular safety and security
procedures in maternity care such as
application and checking identity tags
and operation of security systems to
ensure security of babies
• Give assistance to mothers in caring
for themselves and their babies,
to include the mother’s personal
hygiene and comfort, baby hygiene,
positioning, handling and feeding
• Demonstrate a range of clinically
related skills, to include preparation of
clinical areas and trolleys for maternal
and infant care and procedures,
assistance of clinical staff during
physical examination, measuring,
testing and recording urine and
reporting changes in mothers and
babies condition to the midwife
• Execute cleaning of and care for
general and specialist equipment such
as beds, mattresses, cots, bedpans,
incubators, resuscitation equipment,
theatre equipment and feeding
• Maintain stock levels of specialist
maternity stores and equipment
• Execute appropriate responses to
identified emergency situations
experienced by mother or baby to
include reporting, patient positioning
and clearing of an airway
• Employ the terminology used in the
maternity care setting

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