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NEW: Conflict Management QQI LEVEL 6 | TBC (12 Weeks Online)

Course Overview

QQI Level 6 Minor Award inn Conflict Management 6N2775
Course Code:
Tue 18.45 - 21.45

This course module aims to equip

the learner with the knowledge, skill

and competence required to critically

engage with the theory and practice

of conflict management in community



NOTE: Learners undertaking online

courses must have basic IT skills and

have access to the necessary ICT

equipment, software and Broadband

capability to enable them to undertake

an online course.



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Participant Profile

• Explain the role, function, and forms

of expression of conflict in group and

organisational life

• Dimensions of conflict management

and conflict resolution in particular

similarities and differences between


• Demonstrate detailed knowledge of

methods and strategies for managing

conflict problems including solving,

negotiation, passive, smoothing

approach, adversarial approach,

compromising, withdrawal and


• Discuss the role, function and styles

of mediation and negotiation in

managing conflict

• Demonstrate skills of conflict

management in organisational life

• Present an analytical framework for

understanding and managing conflict

in group or organisational contexts

• Critically assess the strengths and

weaknesses associated with their

personal style of conflict management

in group or organisational contexts

This provision is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014 – 2020.