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Digital Devices and Social Media CM014 (8 Weeks)

Course Overview

Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
Course Code:
CM014 | TUES 19.00 - 21.00 | 8 Weeks
€Tuition FEE €120


  • Learners will gain an introductory knowledge about a range of the following:
  • Learn how to use a phone – functionalities – settings, apps, mobile hotspot usage, Bluetooth usage, Mobile Data, camera usage, calendar, notes, contacts, torch and battery saving modes etc.
  • Facetime video calls on iPhones, Facebook Messenger on Android phones and iPhones
  • Phone Homescreen set up, Google Maps, Alarms and Clock settings, Best use of WhatsApp for large size files, Copying text from e.g. WhatsApp to Google Translate
  • Differences between Google chrome, internet explorer, safari internet browsers
  • Learn how to use a computer – functionalities – usernames and passwords, correct ways to start up and shut down, files, email, how to use Google search, Bluetooth, wifi, how to get internet with a phone mobile hotspot, basic keyboard usage, how to connect usb cables to save files, saving large files using cloud storage like iCloud, WeTransfer, Onedrive
  • Write a story and Captivating Captions and upload or post with photos to various Social Media Sites
  • Understand Target Audience and Reach • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Conversational Marketing and Styling for Maximum return
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Participant Profile

Participant Profile

This course is suitable for those interested in learning the basics about android and iPhones and an introduction to how computers work. Also this course is suitable for those that wish to learn how to create content and become efficient at storytelling – the content destination to be posted on Social Media Sites for promotion purposes

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