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NEW: Disability Awareness QQI level 6 | CC051 (12 Weeks Class Based)

Course Overview

QQI Level 6 Minor Award in Disability Awareness 6N1975
Course Code:
CC051 | Thurs 18.45 - 21.45

The purpose of this award is to equip

the learner with the knowledge, skill

and competence, in the models and

types of disabilities and the legal

and social structures and services in

place to accommodate disabilities at

national and community level and in the


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Programme Description

• Explore various definitions of

disability, to include definitions

outlined in Irish legislation

• Identify different types of disabilities,

to include physical disability specific

learning disabilities (SPLDS),

mental illness, sensorial disabilities

specifically visual impairment, hearing

loss and speech difficulties; Specific

conditions including diabetes and


• Outline strategies to minimise the

difficulties that specific disabilities

may cause for individuals

• Examine the key requirements of

employers, educational institutions

and providers of public services

in accommodating persons with

disabilities as set down in Irish


• Public policy and strategy in relation to

disability in Ireland

• Identify services available to enable

persons with disabilities to access their

legal rights and entitlements.

• Distinguish between the various

models and approaches which

are used in the education system

to accommodate persons with


• Identify barriers to disability, both

environmental and attitudinal.

• Evaluate rehabilitation and support

strategies that are available to

improve quality of life for persons with


Note: A safe level of written and

spoken English is required – see English

Language requirement at the start of

this booklet.

Note: Learners have the option of

registering for each module in the full

certificate individually.



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