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Interior Design Skills (QQI Level 5) AC017 (10 Weeks Class Based)

Course Overview

QQI Level 5 Minor Award in Design Skills 5N0784
Course Code:
AC017 | THURS 18.45-21.45 | THURS 18.45-21.45
€250 | Materials: €30

This programme is aimed at those wishing to further themselves with the knowledge, skill and competence in the principles and practice of design skills in relation to interior design utilising a range of creative processes whilst working independently or with others.

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Programme Description
  • Get involved in the design process – problem solving activity, find strategies to respond to your design brief.
  • Understand Inter-relationships between those involved in a design process – the client, the designer, the
    maker and the user.
  • Get familiar with Tools, materials and technologies and the health and safety issues relating to the design field.
  • Evaluate your design outcomes in an historical and cultural context and Engage in the design process from briefing, through research and development, to presentation and execution.
  • Interpret the design brief / target audience, budget and deadlines, Research your design brief
  • Organise a work schedule with agreed deadlines, generate a range of design solutions through visual and verbal brainstorming, lateral thinking and exploration of materials within a budget and schedule/selected ideas/communicate these visually & verbally/problem solving in the context of your
    design brief and develop the design solutions further/objective/design criteria – evaluate strategies you used and the outcome/result and its success while working independently
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