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Project Management (QQI Level 6)/ BP020 (12 Weeks Class Based) or BP020ON (12 Weeks Online)

Course Overview

QQI Level 6 Minor Award in Project Management 6N4090
Course Code:
BP020 | Wed 18.45-21.45

This programme is aimed to provide learners with a skill and competence in both in theory and practice of Project management methodologies, incorporating the elements of soft and hard skills of project management.

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Programme Description
  • Examine the key principles and concepts underpinning project management theory and practice
  • Investigate a range of approaches to project management to include specific tools and techniques used to plan, cost and manage a project
  • Communicate project management planning operations using a variety of information channels
  • Examine monitoring and evaluation techniques for a project
  • Apply appropriate controls and evaluation techniques to achieve project aims and objectives
  • Formulate a project management proposal by establishing rationale based on valid needs analysis
  • Devise a risk analysis for a project to include the preparation of a contingency plan
  • Evaluate the methodology and process of a selected project
  • Utilise financial planning and budget models within the context of managing a project
  • Manage a project taking corrective action where necessary to meet agreed goals. 
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