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Security Supervisor QQI Level 6 | BP090 (12 Weeks Class based) or BP090ON (12 Weeks Online)

Course Overview

QQI LEVEL 6 Minor Award in Supervisory Security Management 6N1784
Course Code:
BP081ON | Wed 18.45-21.45 

This programme module aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to work as part of the management team in the delivery and management of a security service.

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Programme Description
  • evaluate legislative requirements and industry standards for contractors and employees in the private security industry
  • assess the role and requirements of a security supervisor in delivering a security service, in line with legislative requirement and industry standards
  • the different methods of providing a security service, from a management and business perspective
  • security and safety requirements, for a range of clients, in a variety of settings and situations, considering the needs of the client, members of the public and the security provider
  • manage procedures for maintaining effective standards of service, in line with legislative and industry requirements in the security industry
  • requirements of all legislation pertaining to the delivery of a security service
  • Procedures for dealing with complaints in compliance with licensing requirements.
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