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Person Centered Focus to Disability 10 Weeks (Classroom Based) CC045

Course Overview

QQI Level 5 Minor Award in Person Centred Focus to Disability 5N1728
Course Code:
5N1728 | 10 Weeks | THURS 18.45 - 21.45

This programme module aims is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to apply a person centred focus to their work with people with disabilities in a variety of settings.




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Programme Description


  • Identify issues arising from the language and stereotyping
  • List five valued experiences
  • Define what is meant by a socially valued role
  • Describe how working from a value base and philosophy that reflects a person centered approach has a positive impact on people receiving support
  • Define what is meant by a medical model of support and a social model of support
  • Outline the principles of a person centered focus to disability¬†
  • Outline the elements of good communication skills
  • Adopt the use of people first language in their work practice
  • Work with a person centered focus to empower individuals with a disability
  • Examine their role as an advocate for an individual with disability
  • Explore the capacities and uniqueness of each individual
  • Apply the principles of person centered focus in their day
  • Demonstrate the essential skills of active listening
  • Demonstrate a creative approach when meeting the needs of people with disabilities
  • Compare the medical and social model of service
  • Discuss the concept of inclusion and the importance of this
  • Discuss the importance of socially valued roles for individuals with disability
  • Analyse the differences between adopting an individualised
  • approach and one that sees individuals with disabilities as a homogenized group
  • Recognise service users diversity, cultural and ethnic needs
  • Discuss the challenges of working with individuals using a person centered focus
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