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Sports Anatomy and Physiology HL022 (QQI Level 5)

Course Overview

QQI Level 5 minor award in Sports Anatomy and Physiology 5N4648
Course Code:
HL022 | THURS 18.45-21.45 | 10 weeks

Course Description

· Differentiate between cells, tissues, organs and systems

· Classify tissues into the four main groups

· Identify the major types of connective tissue

· Outline the composition of bone

· Identify the major categories and functions of joints

· Identify a range of postural defects and how they impact on sports performance and injury

· Identify the three types of muscle in the body with examples of each

· Identify the main skeletal muscles of the body

· Show the interconnections between the skeletal and muscular systems in body movement

· Describe the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction

· Outline the different types of muscular contraction using sporting contexts

· Identify with examples of the main actions of muscles to include flexion, extension, abduction and adduction

· Outline the structure and functions of blood and its role in sports performance

· Describe the function of the heart

· Examine the short term and long term effects of strenuous exercise

· Identify the parts of the digestive system, including its associated organs and their functions

· Outline the composition of protein, fats and carbohydrate and outline the five stages of

· digestion

· Explain how the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) system-fuels muscle contraction

· Explain the effects of lactic acid production during anaerobic exercise

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Participant Profile

Participant Profile

This programme module aims to equip the learner with knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and how it is relevant to participation in sports and exercise.

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